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The answer: yes.

Vox Nova

I’ve long said that the Republican and Democratic parties are two dead ends in the same blind alley. With respect to Democrats and Republicans writing or reading here, I can’t belong to either party, so odious are their respective defections from basic Christian morality and the authentic teaching of the Church.

Michael Stafford agrees with me. He’s a lawyer and columnist whose latest piece, “A Christian Alternative to America’s Broken Political Duopoly,” is well worth a read, regardless of whether you are a partisan or, like me, a wanderer.

Stafford’s money quote: “British theologian and political philosopher Phillip Blond correctly notes that, ‘the current political consensus’ in the United States is ‘left-liberal in culture and right-liberal in economics. And this is precisely the wrong place to be.’ It’s also the fundamental reason why Christians cannot be at home in either political party – the Christian vision of the social and…

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