Journalistic Nods

Here is a compilation of links to media responses to Christian democracy and related subjects. If you would like to add a piece of journalism to this list, please offer your suggestions below.

  • January 2012: Michael Stafford’s opinion piece highlighting a demand among American Christians for more electoral choice
  • October 2011: Article from Religion News Service highlighting Phillip Blond’s speaking tour that called for a Distributist approach to economics in the United States
  • August 2011: Analysis from the Huffington Post on the emergence of Distributist ideals from both sides of the political spectrum in the wake of the financial crisis
  • March 2010: David Brooks’ editorial on how to restore the place of community in American society
  • February 2009: Phillip Blond’s influential call for Distributism as a way forward in the wake of the financial crisis, published in Prospect Magazine
  • August 2005: Bill McKibben’s piece commenting on the Christian faith and public policy in the United States
  • December 1999: Bill McKibben’s call for the role of church leadership in combating anthropogenic climate change
  • May 1953:  Time Magazine article in praise of Europe’s re-emergent Christian democratic movement

Please contribute your thoughts!

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