Keep up the Fight (smartly)!

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark “Roe v. Wade” ruling which paved the way for more than a generation of legalized abortion in the U.S. Although all of the justices that participated in this sad verdict have either retired or died in the interim, it would be wrong to suggest that abortion’s days might be numbered simply because a new group of judges could lean against the practice.

After 4 decades or precedent, practice, and the entitlement that grows with it, the thought that a simple majority of the Supreme Court or state legislatures could legislate away abortion seems misplaced. Ultimately abortion and other pro-life concerns are moral issues that can only be protected and defended by those who are conscientiously bound to them- no matter of law-making can change or instill them.

While pro-life activists may work for or try to influence a legislative or judicial end to abortion, the only way to really reduce the numbers of women seeking abortions is to show compassion, respect, and support to them.

All pro-life organizations must renounce violence, take a less confrontational approach, and in my opinion, reduce the amount of graphic imagery often displayed on placards and literature.

The simple act of abortion- the deliberate elimination of an innocent unborn human being is chilling enough to need be gainsaid. If that weren’t enough, many women who’ve had abortions carry pain- physical (from injuries during the abortion procedure) and/or emotional for long periods of time afterward as they inevitably must come to terms with their actions. Simply and respectfully talking to the often poor and frightened women who seek out the clincs without raised voices is a better approach than looking for conflict or passing judgment. Funding or volunteering at an abortion alternative clinic is a powerful option for a pro-life activist. These centers can provide real help to the women in need by making available the myriad of resources they will need (counseling, adoption choices, pre-natal care, etc.) if they have a change of heart or just need support. If foes of abortion still need to rely on powerful testimonies about the horror of the practice, organizations like Pro-Life Action League have collected the stories of former abortionists, nurses, and clinic owners who became disenchanted with their involvement.

Pro-lifers would also do well to connect their opposition to abortion to other issues in which the dignity of life is being whittled away at. A society that treats its most vulnerable members- be they babies, the disabled, the aged, etc.- with disdain is not a healthy society.

Going still further, compassion for the most at-risk members of our country may also mean directing our efforts towards the inequalities in society that can lead to unplanned pregnancies.


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