Alternative Sources of Energy

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

We are called to be stewards of of God’s creation. Our world’s reliance on non-rewenable and dirty fossil fuels will inevitably place a burden on the unborn generations which will follow us. We need to develop and research the potential of alternative sources of energy for a cleaner and safer future.

Geothermal technology studies show great promise with a possible big payoff for a light investment.

Solar power needs no introduction. It too is a highly efficient and inexpensive source. Offering tax incentives and “sell-backs” to utility companies are providing impetus for more homeowners and firms to employ this technology.

Wind turbines have some expense to produce and install but once in operation they too are cheap and require little maintenance. Our European neighbors are converting to wind and their expertise and experience can aid us here in the U.S.

The auto industry is continuing to make promising advances in electric, hybrid, and hydrogen powered vehicles.

Certainly, we can’t move to a mostly renewable energy world overnight. We must continue to fund research, offer incentives for conversion, and work to place sunsets on wasteful sources.

As more citizens see the benefits of sustainability and costs are brought down demand and further implementation will increase.

As Christians we should continue to reflect on how our modern lifestyles can be made less wasteful and self-serving. The sacrifices we can make in the coming years can have the long-term objective of leaving a less dangerous and unsustainable world to our children.


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