(Some) CDP Domestic Policy Initiatives

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

The CDP has seen that the organized labor movement helped create a stable middle class in the U.S. by advocating job security, employment benefits (i.e. health and retirement), safer workplaces, and better pay. The trend in American life to a troubled labor market and less economic security can be mirrored in the erosion of union strength in the private sector. We will work to level the playing field between management and the average worker.

There are other initiatives we will need to work toward to achieve greater mobility in our society and less income disparity. We must find ways to be innovative and find consistent funding for our public educational system for our youth (and adults) to acquire the skills necessary to compete in a globalized economy. We must invest in worker training and transitioning programs to keep current and unemployed workers’ skills sharp. Poor Americans can make gains through such measures as expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit and increasing the buying power of the minimum wage by indexing it to the current rate of inflation.

As Christians, we know the value of setting aside a day of the week for worship, rest, and relaxation with family and friends. We should encourage more workplaces to offer more employment flexibility for parents and paid time off or telecommuting. Similarly, the government should offer family-friendly paid-leave for maternity and child care assistance.

We will support legislation to increase accountability and oversight of the real estate industry. However, there must be more educational programs for prospective home-buyers and responsibility.

The United States is not by any objective means an over-taxed country. The CDP supports the view that progressive taxation is the most just means to ensure a fair and equitable society. That said, the U.S. tax code must be simplified so that the intricacies of simply paying taxes aren’t too onerous for the average citizen. We will consider initiatives such as a national sales tax, land tax, and higher excise taxes on imports as means to increase revenue. Also, the average corporation pays far less in taxes than the various benefits bestowed on them by taxpayers.

An affluent society such as the U.S. should be able to provide health care to all. The experience of other industrialized nations shows it can be done successfully.

We will work to strengthen the compact made with Americans to ensure the viability and assistance of Social Security and Medicare.

We will back America’s family agricultural tradition against the monopolizing of our food production system through flexible price supports for agricultural produce, credit programs, and assistance to cooperatives.

Veterans put their lives on the line for their fellow Americans. We will not cut benefits or assistance programs for our nation’s military personnel.


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