CDP Proposal for Foreign Policy platform

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

The United States standing as the world’s only current superpower means it must be a voice for virtuous and principled relationships in international affairs.

The CDP supports a peaceful, reasonable 2-state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The CDP wll scutinize international trade agreements which could result in unfair results for the U.S. (i.e. dumping, trademark infractions, etc.), hurt American industries and labor market, or violate humanitarian laws. The United States should develop and work towards self-sufficiency in energy sources and national defense technology.

Although the United States’ national interests may not always coincide with the United Nations, the CDP will attempt to work with international organizations as much as possible to find agreement and multi-lateralism on thorny world-wide and regional issues.

The United States currently spends less than 1% of GDP on foreign aid but considerably more on national defense. As Christians, we believe the federal government should spend more on overseas development and humanitarian assistance. Taking real and lasting steps to reduce and eliminate international poverty and health problems can lead to more stability and the prospects of risking American military personnel to fewer conflicts. Similarly, the CDP will maintain and strengthen our membership with NATO and our military readiness. Investing in high-tech military research and cyber defense initiatives will aid our intelligence and save the lives of personnel. The U.S. Congress must regain its historical status as the responsible party to declare and wage war.

The CDP is opposed to torture and so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques”. However, we support the legal post-9/11 to detain, try, extradite, and otherwise interdict all persons- foreign and domestic- who have a reasonable suspicion of aiding, belonging to, or have knowledge of terrorist activity. We support legal remedies for suspects while limiting indefinite detention.

We must consider a variety of potential trade restrictions and embargoes against foreign governments that violate international, commit human rights abuses, or commit acts of aggression against their neighbors or own citizens.


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