Christian Democratic Party Platform Preamble

February 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

(The Christian Democratic Party USA, based in Roanoke, VA, is taking the unusual step of formulating its party platform in the most transparent and open way we could consider: presenting it here on this blog for public view and comment. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed.)

The Christian Democratic Party has formed to ensure that the United States, as the world’s lone super-power, articulates a vision of wise and ethical leadership in world affairs and of a secure and equitable domestic front. We will work to ensure the maintenance of democracy as the best means for government to serve all of our citizens rather than a privileged few.

For the fostering of democratic principles in our nation, we will advocate:

  • A system of economics, called Distributism, in which as many of members of society as possible have the opportunity to own property and businesses. We are opposed to the centralizing of commercial power to either the State (“Big Government”) or to a few wealthy individuals or corporations (“Big Business”).
  • A system of governance led by the principle of subsidiarity, in which as many situations as possible are effectively handled at levels as close to the homes and communities of effected citizens.

The electorate’s lack of choices in our country’s two-party duopoly has led to bitter partisanship, a lowering of the quality of public discourse, and the neglect of effective long-term solutions at the hands of short-term political gain.

The two-party duopoly has equally presided over a collapse of our banking system, a shift of good-paying jobs to beyond our shores, home foreclosures, the crumbling of our transportation infrastructure, and a breakdown of the social capital long-established within communities and traditional American values.

We pledge to take a diligent and long-term view for the best and most democratic solutions to our nation’s concerns. We will avoid the “boom and bust” approach, looking instead toward sustainable solutions that we may proudly hand to future generations.

We will maintain our military to prevent foreign aggression. We must also use the resources of our prosperous society to promote peace and development around the world.

The CDP labors for an America that is fair and equitable for all, seeks justice and peace at home and abroad, and achieves economic and labor security. We also labor to safeguard traditional, common-sense values.


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