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For the past 20 years, Joe Schriner has been traveling around the country and taking the political pulse of the American electorate. From his experiences, he has developed a series of policy papers that reflect a common-sense approach to our nation’s most pressing issues. Joe is also an independent candidate for president of the United States. You can keep track of him at his website.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that the insights Joe has found in the small towns of this great nation are very similar to the principles of Christian democracy. We send Joe our prayers and our support for what he is doing: bringing a fresh, genuine voice to the discussion of public policy — one that resonates with the political will of a citizenry that is largely ignored by the two-party duopoly.


This week I’ve been in touch with a representative from one of America’s newest political Parties, the Christian Democratic Party.  Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia,  their literature explains that:  “Chrisitan democracy” is a political ideology that seeks to apply Christian principles to public policy.  In other words, in our current society that would look like a mix of conservative and liberal philosophy.  From the “conservative” side, for instance, they are against abortion and gay marriage.  Yet, in what would seem “liberal” to many, they are strong on social justice and environmental stewardship.  A quote:  “Regardless of whether one believes in global warming or not, we maintain that caring for the environment is a great personal virtue… We wholeheartedly support environmentally friendly policies.”  The Party’s platform is not only balanced, it’s a good reflection, I believe, of how the gospel message would relate to each contemporary issue of our times.  For more, see:  www.cdpunitedstates.webs.com

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